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Good Cop Bad Cop

Good Cop Bad Cop Digital Album


Release Date: 29/03/2019

The version of the album is released on Friday 15th March and is available to pre order now. Pre-Order and receive a download of the new single "Silk & Leather", straight away.

Good Cop Bad Cop is the eagerly anticipated debut studio album from Joe Carnall. Penned by Carnall and produced by Helders, the project resides in the not so grey area between man and machine. Lyrically brooding and perceptive, Carnall’s voice floats along Julian Casablancas-esque melodies; all of which are underpinned by not only Helders on drums and BV's, but also a warm blanket of noise akin to the likes of Timber Timbre and, at its most experimental, James Blake.

1 - When You Not Winning
2 - Silk & Leather
3 - Sharpshooter
4 - Times New Roman
5 - End Level Boss Part I
6 - Quarter Past June
7 - Taste The Danger
8 - Landline
9 - End Level Boss Part II
10 - Time Crisis II
11 - End Of The Beginning

When You're Not Winning 3:32 Bundle only
Silk And Leather 3:50 Bundle only
Sharp Shooter 3:42 Bundle only
Times New Roman 3:41 Bundle only
End Level Boss Part I 3:27 Bundle only
Quarter Past June 2:47 Bundle only
Taste The Danger 3:46 Bundle only
Landline 3:10 Bundle only
End Level Boss Part II 3:14 Bundle only
Time Crisis 4:51 Bundle only
End Of The Beginning 3:17 Bundle only